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Emerald Bank (MineClonia)



Code under AGPLv3-or-later License

EmeraldBank Mod is Libre/Free Software, copy and share.

This is not open source!


Keep your Emeralds in a bank!

Why Emeralds? In MineClonia the emerald is money to trade with villagers!

Multiplayer support!

Add a crafteable Emerald bank node.

Works like gpcf's ATMs but with Emeralds!

Rightclick on bank open the bank interface, where you can deposit or withdraw your Emeralds.

You can transfer money to other players in Bank interface.


What has happened to my emerald shops?

This mod has been split into three, now emeraldbank mod only focuses on the emerald bank and the economy API, the shops have been separated in the emerald fancy_vend mod and emeraldshop mod


User /pay command. Pay emeralds to another player:

/pay <player> <num>

User /money command. Show you the emeralds in your bank account in the chat.


EmeraldBank mod also include a variety of tools for server administrators.

Admin Emerald command Admin command to add emeralds in bank accounts:

/emeralds <player> <num>

Add <num> emeralds to <player> account.

If num is 0 return emeralds in player account.

More Info

This mod is for MineClonia or VoxeLibre Games, dont work with MTG

Feel free to contribute, send MR/PR or issues.

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